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The free Android software C4Yourself can be found in the Business section of the app store in the “Office Suites & Utilities” category. C4Yourself is created by California’s automated welfare system, C-IV. The latest edition, 3.1.8, was just published by the developer.


You can begin the download procedure for C4Yourself on your Android smartphone by clicking the green Continue to App above button. After being available on our website since August 20, 2021, 149 people have received the software so far. Although we have checked the URL and found it to be safe, we still recommend that you scan the downloaded programme with antivirus software just in case.

Mobile App For C4Yourself

What you need to know to get C4Yourself onto your Android smartphone.

  • Simply select the “Jump to Demand” option on our homepage. You’ll be redirected to the Google Play store.
  • When the C4Yourself app becomes available on the Android platform, users will be able to obtain and install it from the Google Play store. You can install it by selecting it and then clicking the Install option that appears to the right of the app icon just below the search field.
  • The necessary C4Yourself rights show in a pop-up window. To proceed, please press the OK button.
  • C4Yourself will monitor the transfer as it happens and update you on your progress. Upon completion of the download, the activation procedure will start, and you will be notified via email when it is finished.

Users can do the following with the C4Yourself smartphone app:

  • C4Yourself allows users to register for an account, access their current one, and change their passwords.
  • Help with applying for and understanding California’s welfare programmes, including Medi-Cal, CalFresh (the California Food Stamp Program), and CalWORKs (California Work Opportunity and Responsibility to Kids).
  • Use your phone’s camera to scan and submit required paperwork for processing.
  • Find out about any missed paperwork or scheduled meetings.
  • Keep an eye out for social workers’ case-related communications.
  • Log in or delete your account by submitting a complaint.
  • Take control of your login details by updating your biography to include an email address.
  • Register to have alerts sent to your phone or inbox.
  • Check the paperwork the social workers have sent.
  • Identify a local representative.
  • Find explanations of any issues you might be having with the C4Yourself programme.