Online E-Application

The online computerised C4Yourself registration does not establish eligibility for benefits or award benefits. This enables individuals to give the government the data it needs to determine their eligibility and the level of help they can receive.


All submitted data will be examined by a district agent and case manager to decide the candidate’s eligibility. The municipality will find it simpler to make a decision if more information is given before the electronic registration procedure.

C4yourself On-Line E-Application

In order to place a purchase for CalFresh, consumers can use the C4Yourself feature of the C-IV system.

Access to Medi-Cal, CalWORKs, and the County Medical Services Program (CMSP) online.

The computerised registration form that C4Yourself offers online is modelled after the state’s SAWS 2 form. To streamline data collection, C4Yourself takes a conversational interview method and presents it in a private, openly available, web-based self-service interface. The integration makes it easier for up-to-date applicant data to be transferred from C4Yourself to C-IV.

In the areas mentioned below, C4Yourself is actively seeking new members. If you are assisting a client who does not reside in the United States, C4Yourself will point you in the direction of the correct California online registration system (BenefitsCal).

Having a C4Yourself account allows the receiver to do things like view their status reports, get notifications about changes, and re-certify their qualifications once a year.

Applying for C4Yourself Online Requests for medical care, food stamps, and other forms of government aid can all be submitted through Electronic C4Yourself®1. You can get assistance from C4Yourself if you reside in one of these areas.

The C4Yourself electronic web registration does not award benefits or establish eligibility. That way, you’ll have the data the county needs to determine your eligibility and the extent of your assistance. If you submit any paperwork, a district agent and case manager will look it over to see if you qualify. Be as detailed as feasible in your application to increase your chances of being accepted.